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                Fuyao Group has a strong sense of responsibly towards the society with the concept of “A Better Fuyao, A Better World”. Since its establishment, Fuyao Group outlined its vision of “making automotive glass for Chinese consumers” and aimed at “becoming the most competitive supplier specialized in automotive glass in the world”. The core values of this company are diligence, simplicity, learning and innovation. By following a strategic development plan of being independent, open, inclusive and focusing on application and research, Fuyao Group has grown from a small factory with only a few bungalows to a well-known national brand, being China’s No 1 and world-leading enterprise in the automotive glass industry.

                Throughout its development, Fuyao Group has been committed to becoming a loyal partner to our global customers, a noteworthy example in the global automotive glass industry, the best employer for our global employees and a trusted brand around the world. Through its own development, Fuyao Group gives back to the society with practical actions, cares for the nature, protects the environment, actively participates in public welfare and fulfills its social responsibilities. It has achieved outcomes in both economic and social benefits, and harmonious development of the company and society.

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