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                Key Philosophy
                The core idea

                A strong sense of mission has been at the core of Fuyao since its establishment and throughout its development. From its initial goal of “making automotive glass for Chinese consumers”, to “setting standards for the automotive glass suppliers”, and to “benefiting the world”, plus a series of social welfare activities initiated by our Chairman, Fuyao has always been devoted to benefiting its customers, the development of the enterprise, the industry, its staff, and the society as a whole.

                Our Core Values
                Core Values
                • EthicsCompleting our work with pride and responsibility
                • PerseveranceSeeking perfection in our craftsmanship
                • StriveStriving for excellence with an unyielding spirit
                • HonestyBeing honest and trustworthy, while adhering to our principles
                • GoodwillNo matter how small the act, always do the right thing
                • PragmatismAvoiding vanity, boastfulness and material gain
                • Professionalismskillfulness, improvement and perfection
                • Open-mindednessBeing open to new ideas with modesty and the ability to learn from others
                • ProgressNever stop pursuing excellence and making groundbreaking breakthroughs
                • ResponsibilityBe responsible for all of your social roles
                • CourageNever fear change or failure
                • VisionRespect the past, weigh the present, and aim at the future
                Brand Slogan
                Brand Philosophy
                Build a Strong Image of Fuyao with “Four Pillars”
                • Morality 01. Morality The cornerstone of our brand
                • Product 02. Product The carrier of our brand
                • Quality 03. Quality Satisfies our customers and the society
                • Taste 04. Taste Influencing people’s lives
                Our Goal
                • To become a  loyal partner to our global customers
                  01. To become a loyal partner to our global customers
                • To become a noteworthy example in the global automotive glass industry
                  02. To become a noteworthy example in the global automotive glass industry
                • To become a  trusted employer
                  03. To become a trusted employer
                • To become a  world-renowned brand
                  04. To become a world-renowned brand